Cityland Grand Emerald Tower Turnover

3:12 AM

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It’s going to be a very busy month for me this coming March what with my condo unit from Citylands Grand Emerald Tower in Ortigas officially being turned over to me and having to do some minor renovations and furnishing (yes I have decided to go the furnished unit path) it in preparation for me renting it out hopefully this coming April.

I’ll be updating this blog with pictures from my punch listing, renovations (although I am going to go minimal on this route to save money) and furniture’s bought and the unit itself when all of them come together. Keep an eye out for this guys.

Jazz Residences Construction Update | January 2011

6:56 PM

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Sorry for the lack of updates last December. The holidays are indeed a very busy time for yours truly. But now I am back with some pictures I took yesterday. Things are progressing very fast and there is also a rumor floating around that the retail component of Jazz Residences, the largest Hypermart in the country will be ready by this year which is very exciting indeed, and with the pace the construction is going, it's really not far fetched. With Century City, Ayalas's Lerato and the upcoming Alpha Land project, that area of Makati will surely be reinvigorated and I hope it will rival the Greenbelt area. It's perhaps time to extend the Makati CBD.

Jazz Residences Construction Update | November 2010

6:50 AM

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Here are the latest pictures I have taken from the site. Sorry for the low quality of the pictures, I took it using my cellphone camera, will not forget to bring my digicam next month. As you can see there are definitely some big improvements  with the project. Work does flow very quickly when the developer has tons of money.

Jazz Residences Construction Update | October 2010

4:17 AM

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I took some street level view pictures of Jazz Residences today. Not much has changed since last month above ground. But I am pretty sure there are lots of improvements made to the basement level since construction is in full swing. Come back here regularly for updates of this project.